Parkrun must be one of the best inventions ever. Yes, I just love my weekly 5km run with friends and family.

There is something to be said for classic ultra marathons like Comrades Marathon and Trail Ultras like Western States and UTMB. The whole journey from making the commitment, qualifying and training for the race is amazing, but Parkrun is just as amazing for very different reasons.

On average every week about 250,000 people participate in a Parkrun worldwide. It is super accessible and participants often tell me they would not have become runners if it was not for Parkrun.

How to Parkrun:

  • Register on the applicable website for your country. Here are the links for South Africa and UK.
  • Check on the website for your local run venue and start time. Your local run will usually start at the same time very week (usually 8:00 on a Saturday), but check on the website to be sure.
  • Print out your barcode after registering online.
  • Don’t forget your barcode and arrive 15 to 20 minutes ahead of the start time at your local run.
  • Listen to the race director who will give information about the run.
  • Start with the other runners and complete the 5km course.
  • You can walk or run, whatever best suites your fitness level.
  • Courses differ based on the location, but many are pram and dog friendly.
  • At the finish your barcode will be scanned.
  • You will receive an email some time after the run with your results.

Enjoy your first Parkrun and remember to have fun.