1. 180g: Kalenji Run One
  2. 200g: Kalenji Kiprun Race Ultralight
  3. 203g: Kalenji Kiprun Race
  4. 235g: Kalenji Run Cushion
  5. 245g: Kalenji Run Active Breathe
  6. 245g: Kalenji Run Active
  7. 258g: Kalenji Run Support Breathe
  8. 263g: Kalenji Run Support
  9. 280g: Kalenji Kiprun Fast
  10. 295g: Kalenji Run Active Grip
  11. 300g: Kalenji Run Cushion Grip
  12. 300g: Kalenji Run Comfort
  13. 310g: Kalenji Kiprun TR
  14. 325g: Kalenji Run Comfort Grip
  15. 330g: Kalenji Kiprun LD
  16. 330g: Kalenji Elioprime
  17. 330g: Kalenji Kiprun Long
  18. 340g: Kalenji Trail XT7
  19. 360g: Kalenji Kiprun Trail MT
  • All weights are as stated by manufacturer and for size 8.5 UK / 43 EU.

I also have a list of the heel to toe drop of various Decathlon Kalenji running shoes. <= Click here.